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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What I've learned so far...

Do what needs to be done right now.

Forget the rest.

Be okay right here, right now.

Lean into what is going on around and inside of me right now. 

Sit and smile.

Know that even when things go wrong, that most often, I'm usually okay anyway.

Set attainable goals.

Celebrate baby steps as much
as GIANT steps.

Avoid pressuring myself unneccesarily.

Stop trying to please everyone.

Be good to myself and to others without forgetting myself.

Abstain from wanting what I don't already have (things, people, lifestyle, etc.).

Accept that what I'm experiencing is part of my journey.
Enjoy little moments as much as
big moments.

Enthuse when possible.

Share my passion. 

Focus on gratitude.

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