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Monday, July 28, 2014

Camping list for a born-again camper

I'd camped as a kid with my family in a borrowed tent-trailer and later with colleagues in a Westphalia. I've only gotten back into camping in the last couple of summers and I'm digging it thanks to my best friend who is all equipped and who knows how to put up a tent, start a fire and laugh at my many inadequacies. I thought that I'd share the list I wrote to get ready for a great weekend.

o   Tent
o   Ground sheet
o   Tarpaulin
o   Sleeping bag/plastic
o   Fleece blanket
o   Mattress
o   Pillow
o   Lantern
o   Flashlight/headlamp
o   Extra batteries
o   Rope
o   Clothes pins
o   kettle
o   Duct tape
o   Picnic back pack
o   Cooler
o   Frozen ice packs
o   First Aid kit
o   Candles
o   Matches/lighter
o   Bug spray
o   Bug jacket/bug hat
o   Garbage bags
o   Chargers
o   Small dust pan
o   Towel/shami
o   Polar fleece blanket
o   Parasol
o   Chairs
o   Rain gear
o   Hat
o   Sunglasses
o   Pants
o   Shorts
o   Underwear
o   Socks
o   Long sleeve shirt
o   T-shirt
o   tank top
o   polar fleece
o   Crocs/ flipflops for showers
o   Sandals
o   Running shoes or hiking boots
o   Bandana
o   Scarf
o   Tuque for cooler nights
o   Night shirt
o   Jogging pants
o   Bathing suit
o   Journal
o   Kobo/ ereader
o   Kobo light
o   Mp3 player/Ipod
o   Camera
o   Camera charger
o   Water
o   Water bottles
o   Deck of cards
o   Backgammon game
o   Thermos filled with ice
o   Paper towels
o   Kettle
o   Coffee
o   Milk
o   Sugar
o   Reservation info
o   Umbrella/Parasol
o   Advil
o   Feminine hygiene
o   Reusable bags
o   Ziplock bags
o   Bungee cords
o   Towel/pack towel
o   Contact lenses
o   Contact lense liquid
o   Glasses
o   Case for glasses
o   Sunglasses
o   Prescription sunglasses
o   Backpack
o   Toothbrush
o   Tooth paste
o   Mouthwash
o   Honey soap
o   Mascara
o   Make-up remover
o   Make-up wipes
o   Q-tips
o   Floss
o   Deodorant
o   Powder
o   Razor
o   Small mirror
o   Toilet paper
o   Wet wipes
o   Snacks
o   Extra pair of glasses

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