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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Carry on for 1 week and including both summer and winter clothes...just in case!!

There are a lot of blogs and videos telling you how to fold and pack like a pro. You can look them up.

One of my many goals in starting to travel again was learning to travel "light" with a lightness of being in my soul. I've been working hard on myself to lighten my burdens and to let go of worries in order to free myself to get out there and explore again. Deciding to go the carry-on route symbolized my metamorphosis.

 Here is my packing list for a 1 week trip to the most beautiful west coast of Newfoundland for hiking, kayaking, general sight-seeing and whale watching excursions.

My check list included a bathing suit, a down-filled jacket, polar fleece mitts and tuque!! Or toque for you R.O.C. (Rest of Canada, outside of Quebec folk!!)

I did a lot of research and settled on using 3 pieces (convertible backpack, daypack and my ever present M.E.C. sling purse) to get me swiftly between flights from Ottawa to Halifax and then onto Deer Lake without having to check bags. 

I decided to really reduce to the basics for this trip as far as shoes and make-up went. I usually wear waterproof mascara because I'm always flinging myself into water while swimming or kayaking or getting teary eyed by reading something or laughing until my sides hurt...the only non-green product that I haven't given up...yet!!! I decided to not wear any make-up for this trip. So there was no need for make-up remover and little pads either.

The most important space saving tip I found would be making do with only 2 pairs of shoes: hiking boots and Crocs. Yes, that's right!The original ugly ones.Admit it, they are darn comfy and you can wear them with socks which you can't do with shower flipflops.

I bought an Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack. The folks at La Cordée in Montreal adjusted the hip belt and straps for me with weights. But since I was just going from planes to vans, I used the pack like a suitcase with straps and belt tucked neatly out of sight.

As my personal item, I settled on L.L.Bean's Stowaway pack which, if needed packs into one of the zipper pockets much like the old K-way jackets used to. It's quite squishable so that if it's not terribly full, I could squish it under the seat in the airplane along with my Mec purse. The L.L. Bean Stowaway pack was surprisingly comfortable as a light day hiking pack (big lunch and lots of snacks, phone, wallet, rain gear, camera, field glasses, a litre of water, etc.)

Now for the list:
I wore  Prana convertible hiking pants, a quick dry v-neck T, Smartwool Hiking sock, Mec hiking boots, 1 of my new favourite Moving Comfort Fiona sports bras, and a very light polar fleece.

In my L.L.Bean Stowaway, I had my rain pants and jacket, my very stuffable goose down jacket, my small ziplock bag with what very basic cosmetics and first aid liquids, extra pair of glasses, throwaway contact lenses, trail mix, granola bars (friends know that I constantly eat), camera, feminine hygiene paraphernalia, 1 litre Nalgene bottle, all of my gadget chargers. I use honey soap made by a local beekeeper or eco friendly soap by a local soapmaker, Lavandine et Cie, as a face and body soap and also instead of shampoo. Madame Lavandine was nice enough to make a special batch of sun protection cream which I put into a small container for the trip.

In the summer, I switch to a smaller wallet with just the essentials (driver's license, health card, credit card, bank card) no store loyalty cards, etc. . That left room for my IPad, phone, printed travel itinerary and boarding pass ( on the way back, I felt suddenly very modern when I downloaded my boarding pass from Deer Lake to Halifax when I discovered wifi in a café, this being my first big trip since 2001). 

The rest of the stuff on my list went into the Osprey Farpoint pack.

Roll what you can roll
Squish what you can squish
Stuff what you can stuff
Fill any spaces with smaller items

I'm too frugal to buy expensive packing cubes soI used laundry net bags and smaller zip or draw string mesh and nylon bags.

Trip checklist:

2nd pair of Prana convertible hiking pants
2 other short sleeve quick dry V-neck T's
2 other pairs of Smart wool hiking socks
long sleeve dressier quick dry travel shirt by Mec
bathing suit
Small drybag for cell phone and wallet for kayaking
Night shirt
yoga leggings
6 pairs of underwear
fleece ski hat
fleece mitts
Crocks which I stuffed with smaller items so as not to lose space
Underwear X 7
Other Moving Comfort sportsbra...that's it!!
Long sleeve IceBreaker smartwool top
Mosquito top with headgear (I keep lugging this thing and hardly using it!!)
Sea to Summit Bath towel which stuffs into teeny tiny pack
small blow up travel pillow (which I never used...I can sleep at home...!!)
first aid kit
ziplock bags in small and medium sizes
ear plugs 
field glasses

My first aid kit by Mec is the one I use while kayaking at home or on field trip with my students:
Reactine and Benadryl pills
adhesive tape
Compped and Band-Aid products for blisters
New skin
honey throat lozenges made by local beekeeper
hand sanitizer
wet wipes
duct tape rolled around a pencil 
quick tip which when wet can be used to remove ticks safely
Deep Woods OFF which I haven't used yet, but in case even I can stand the buggies!!!
Dryer lint and petroleum jelly as a fire starter in 35 mm film canister (did not bring on this trip but usually have for kayak trips)
Diva Cup and or small feminine products stashed safely away in a 35 mm film canister
emergency crash scissors
Swiss Army knife (which was taken from me by kind security screening personnel at the Ottawa airport who were just doing their job...after all of my prep work, I'd forgotten about the knife in my first aid kit. I still haven't bought another one.

So that's how I managed to pack for an action filled week in gorgeous Newfoundland with Wild Women Expeditions with only carry on luggage and a feeling of lightness and elation in my whole being!!!

Happy trails!!


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