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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wide awake in Woody Point

View from Grandma's house, Woody Point, Newfoundland

I had awaken to go to the bathroom because I'd decided to have two Iceberg beers that evening instead of just the one. As I lay back down in my room with a view of the South Arm of Bonne Bay, despite having to be up around 6 am to get myself ready for another full day of activities with Wild Women Expeditions, I didn't worry about not getting enough sleep. I lay there content in knowing even though I was wide awake in the middle of the night and might not fall back asleep, my heart was full of JOY because I was wide awake in the middle of the night in Woody Point, Newfoundland!!

Let me explain. My last big trip involving air travel was tragic because my Dad died suddenly at home upon returning from driving us to the Montreal airport. A series of events which followed this huge blow triggered anxiety, post traumatic stress syndrome and full blown O.C.D. (no laughing matter when it keeps you in a state of reptilian hyper alertness, or like Dr Johnny Fever from W.K.R.P. IN Cincinnati once said: "When everyone is out to get you, paranoia is just good thinking.").

It took a few years for these ills to manifest, but they managed to keep their claws dug into me for almost a decade. I finally found the right kind of help in 2013-2014 and was ready to once again spread my wings. I chose Wild Women Expeditions and their Iceberg and arts tour both as a goal, a challenge and a celebration.

Here is what I wrote as a review on their Facebook page:

Highlight this week? Freedom!
Let me explain. With the small community created by Katie Broadhurst and Jenny Martindale and our Wild Women group, I learned to fly again. I'd put myself in a cage, shut the door and lost the key a few years ago. With help last year, I'd found a new key, more like a combination to the lock, I'd managed to open the door,but I'd still been afraid to fly out. Each one of my Wild Women Sisters, each with their own baggage and lovely, quirky, authentic selves helped me to feel safe enough to embrace the present and let go of the past. So what was the highlight for me? Each and every moment being right there in magnificent Newfoundland, in the present, in movement or in stillness, that was my highlight! I don't know if any other travel outfit can achieve this!! This trip was everything I'd dreamed of and so much more. Thank you Wild Women Expeditions!!!
Thank you, my wonderful Wild Women Icebergs and Arts Tour Tribe!

Even Air Canada made my first trip since 2001 a lovely breeze. Here is what I wrote to them:

Air Canada staff on flights July 3rd flights 8638 from Ottawa to Halifax and 8880 onto Deer Lake and then on July 9th from Deer Lake flight  8885 to Halifax and onto Ottawa on flight 8597 were courteous, cheerful and helpful. Thank you Air Canada and staff for making a long awaited trip an incredibly positive experience!!
This trip left me feeling empowered.

I felt so totally and incredibly happy right down to the very core of my being. Totally exhilarating!

This whole experience is such a triumph. I never thought that I'd be able to take off like that again. I used to travel on my own years ago. I started when I was 19 with a trip to California, lived abroad for 3 years in my late twenties and traveled well into my mid to late 30's. 
 Places I've lived or been too.


In my 40's, I struggled with the real and imagined dangers of life trying to avoid everything that might upset the comfy confines of my routines. A couple of years ago, I decided that I needed to embrace life outside of the cage. I wanted my 50's to be glorious. 

So there I was wide awake in the middle of the night in Woody Point feeling grateful. Thank you to everyone who has had a part, big or small, in encouraging me in my journey.  This trip was such a celebration of being alive and healthy, mentally and physically.

Gratitude, peace, health, acceptance, joy and enthusiasm!

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