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Friday, August 2, 2013

I love swimming at the Château Montebello pool so much, I wrote a poem

The importance of breathing 
Julia Nadon

I back dive into the deep end
The coolness shocks my body
Why do I this again?
 The first lap always feels awkward
I flip and turn and push off the wall
Back and forth I swim
Reaching further with each stroke
My body turns into an efficient machine
My mind rushes like a movie screen
Playing clips of conversations and
Scenes from my life
Back and forth I swim
I become the observer
My worries blow away
Like clouds across the sky

Sitting meditation won't do it for me
In this pool, my body slices through the water
My mind slows down
I become aware of each and every breath
Lest I drown 

I've been swimming at this pool since I was little. My brother was a lifeguard there so of course anything he did I wanted to do (except for driving trucks for a living). I lifeguarded there when I was still in school and when I chose to come back to live here, one of the first things I did was start swimming here again. I've swum in pools in many places. None has the same calming effect. I hope to swim here until I die.

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