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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tweaking my blog

Simplifying my life online
I was afraid of bringing all of myself together online, but I decided tonight that if I'm going to simplify my life, I should also simplify my Internet persona. I admire other people who don't hide behind cute pseudonyms and tell you who they are warts, hang ups and all. I rewrote my header using my Twitter bio as inspiration. Twitter was the first place where I told the world who I was and what I love. Youtube has been bugging me to use my real name instead of QueenBB or Queenbeebee222.

I put links to my other blogs, my main Youtube channel and my main website (which is intended for my middle grade students). For years, I had websites and blogs for all kinds of interests or occupations, so many that as I was posting links, I kept finding blogs which I'd forgotten about. No wonder few of them were updating regularly.

Communicating on another plane
My best buddy is away for 10 days in a silent meditation retreat. No phone, no Internet, no books, no journalling (but I'm sure she's cheating on that clause), no talking with table mates while eating vegetarian food in the refectory.

They wake you up at 4:30 every morning so that you can meditate before breakfast. Now, when I say that this is my best buddy, this is the friend I with whom I could drive across Canada and not get into an argument. This is also the friend who is already on the line before it rings when I go to call her. I swear that ever since her first morning at the retreat I have woken up either just a bit before or not long after 4:30 am. I am purposefully staying up late tonight to see if I will wake up around 4:30 am again tomorrow morning, day 5 of her 10 day retreat.

My computer says that it is soon going on midnight. I better head on upstairs to bed just in case a silent gong goes off in my head and I wake up at 4:30 again.

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