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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another gorgeous Sunday

I didn't write a thing for my novel this weekend. I was sooo good last weekend, wipping out 2 chapters. Oh well, it's no use going through a handy list of excuses or beating myself up. I hardly ever miss journalling. I got my 3 morning pages (à la Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way) every day this week except for this morning.

I met my best buddy for a long, gabby breakfast halway between our towns. It is always comforting and energizing spending time together. It's simple and easy and we "get" each other. What a gift!

I went for a long walk in the woods with another friend. We met other villagers out and about in the woods enjoying the March sunshine. The snow is packed and hard enough now that we can get around without our snowshoes.

Every now and again, I love reading

I've been reading  Brené Brown's The Gift Of Imperfection this week. I love this book. I'm copying so many passages in my journal.

Here is aomething called a vowel check:
A: Have I been Abstinent today? (Abstinent of numbing behaviours)
E: Have I Exercised today?
I: What have I done for myself today?
O: what have I done for Others today?
U: Am I holding on to Unexpressed emotions today?
Y: Yeah! What is something good that happened today?

I also looked up "lovebombers" because Brené Brown referred to this group of ladies who gather for a long weekend once a year. I discovered a gorgeous blog

I just discovered that Brené Brown has a popular TedTalk called The Power of Vulnerability which I must check, but not now. It's time for a bedtime snack.

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