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Thursday, January 4, 2018

6 things I wish I knew at age 24

6 things I wish I knew at age 24
1. Not everything lasts forever and nothing is guaranteed, so take nothing for granted. Youth, looks, health, jobs, hair colour, gorgeous legs, friendships, colleagues, easy money, being nimble on your toes, energy, sanity, independance, and insouciance.
No matter what you lose or what you gain, be grateful every step along the way.
2. Keep on learning. Be it by trial and error, reading, asking thoughtful questions, shutting up and listening without interruption, taking a course, giving a course, shooting the breeze or watching how to videos. Your brain is malleable. You can train it to learn new things and you can retrain to break bad habits.
3. Sometimes, life kicks you in the head. You can get through it, survive and thrive. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up. Lean in to your feelings now. Yes, right now. I know it hurts. Bad. Stuffing them down will inevitably lead to worse things later on down the road.
Peaks and valleys make up the journey. Straight roads are numbingly boring. The view is beautiful from a summit. Ascensions from deep valleys are where you forge character and empathy for others.
4. Learn to be authentically you as soon as you can. When we are young, we want to fit in. Learn to embrace your quirkiness now. It’s what makes you you.
Develop your passions however odd they may seem. They hold the key to your uniqueness and success. You’ll eventually find or create your own tribe of wonderful weirdos whether face to face or online.
5. Take care of yourself. A life of experimentation and excess is fun and easy to bounce back from in your twenties, but if you want to be in it for the long haul, manage all of your resources wisely.
A. By all means, have fun, but learn to spend wisely and make saving a priority. Learning to live well beneath your means and you’ll always be rich because you will have the power to make choices.
B. Give up your vices. They’re bad for your physical and mental health and a strain on your finances.
C. Eat well. Learn to cook from scratch a.s.a.p., brown bag it and invite friends over instead of eating out 3 meals a day. It’s cheaper and healthier.
D. Move your body. Preferably outside. Find an activity that you enjoy and if you’re so inclined, find others who enjoy the same thing. You’ll be in shape and make new friends. Plus, there’s accountability in numbers. It’s harder to slouch on the sofa if there are folks waiting for you to go play outside.
6. Life is stranger than fiction. My 24 year old self could not have drawn the storyboard of how my life has turned out a quarter of a century later. Go ahead, make plans, but stay open to serendipity and surprise opportunities. And go for it when that still small voice whispers “Go for it!”


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