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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Master gratitude list for 2016

1. Warm glow on my face after skiing
2. A safe country to call home
3. Making new friends
4. Old friendships
5. Walking to work
6. Cycling to work
7. Snowshoeing to work
8. Skiing to work
9. Any room, deck, porch, campsite, restaurant table with a view
10. Growing something from seed
11. Raising a monarch from an egg
12. Chocolate chip cookies
13. Music
14. Composing music
15. Good books
16. Finding people who love talking about books
17. New landscapes
18. The Internet
19. A steady life partner
20. My cat
21. Family
22. All of my friends
23. Community
24. Vibrant colours 
25. Fridge full of food
26. Cup of tea
27. A day with no obligations
28. Meaningful work
29. Working with young people
30. A team of talented coworkers
31. Health
32. A good night's sleep
33. Swimming in one of the most beautiful pools anywhere
34. Travel
35. Staying home
36. Pot of homemade soup
37. Dean Martin's sultry, boozy crooning
38. K.d. Lang singing anything she likes
39. Any movie with Gene Hackamn
40. Living close to nature
41. Kayaking
42. Hiking
43. Cycling
44. Nordic skiing
45. Snowshoeing
46. Camping
47. My best friend
48. Beluga whales
49. Good wine
50. Homemade waffles
51. Brownies
52. Potluck meals with good friends
53. A piano in the living room
54. Guitars
55. Ukuleles
56. Long neck dulcimers
57. A good amp
58. Someone to play music with me
59. Someone who can harmonize with me
60. Someone who likes eclectic music
61. Financial security
62. Peace of mind
63. Courage
64. Love
65. Joy
66. Enthusiasm
67. Favorite author putting out new book
68. Good mystery/spy novel
69. Enlightening biographies
70. Well-written historical novels
71. CBC radio/podcasts
72. Listening to Tedtalks while ironing or weeding
73. A place for everything and everything I its place
74. My warm fuzzy file
75. My dozens of journals organized chronologically 
76. Kobo reader
77. Ottawa library
78. Feeling totally at home in water
79. Comfy bed
80. Perfect pillow
81. Growing up bilingual
82. Learning. Different languages
83. Bees
84. Honey
85. Maple syrup
86. Chocolate
87. Cheese
88. Homemade pizza
89. Smooth plane ride to anywhere new
90. Newfoundland
91. Living on a linguistic island in the middle of an Anglo sea. 
92. La Presse +
93. Forest bathing
94. Living in the country but having two fabulous cities each an hour away
95. Having your sports store deliver new skis to your door and adjust the bindings on your boots right in your own home
96. Having the same sports store guy pick up, fix and deliver your bike when it need fixing
97. Comfy warm pyjamas
98. Cooking anything from scratch 
99. Reminding myself to slow down when things are getting hectic
100. Knowing when it's good for me to sit still and smile


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