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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Writing and submissions


I sent out 3 poems for submissions, 2 came back with a polite rejection. Not sure what's happening with the third. I have enough poems for a chapbook. Should I publish my own chapbook? Do it myself, send out the chapbook to publishers, ebook, bound book? I'd really like to combine my photography with the poems, heck I think I'll do it myself and make it a winter project.


Rewrote the first 9 chapters of my kids novel this summer. Really happy with the tone and protagonist's voice. I'm having trouble going into chapter 10, but it's really important because this is where I have to show some developments between my two main characters.

Other writing projects

I've got a couple of how-to book ideas in the works. They would be in French and geared towards kids. They deal with two subjects which are hobbies of mine that my students enjoy. I am the resident expert on these two subjects so I'm well positioned to write about them. I would pitch them to some French language publishers.


There is an upcoming workshop in Montreal which might help me with my submissions. Writing routine I'm getting back into a routine of writing in the morning. I always write a minimum of 3 pages each morning in my journal. I need to also get up early enough to follow up my journal writing with project writing (novel, poems, how-tos) Yes, I realize that to call it a routine or a habit that i have to keep it going for 21 days. No excuses anymore! I need to get into the habit of writing but also of submitting.

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