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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally, finding a voice!

I keep journalling everyday, that's never been a problem, writing a novel is so much harder. I've written songs since I was a kid, creative fiction and poertyalso come naturally, but finding a structure, chosing a point of vue with an identifiable voice, a strong enough plot with subplots to carry a story through thousands of words, well, that's like an intellectual marathon. I took 2 weeks from everything afternthe end of the school year. I read like crazy...I could spend my life reading. Would anyone like to hire me to reader. Reader for hire. 40-ish bilingual reader who has a penchant for UK and Irish women authors, like Maeve Binchy and Rosemunde Pilcher, American detective, mystery, and suspense authors like Robert B. Parker, Cecile B. Demille and Rita Mae Brown. Also enjoys YA and kids' lit authors like Jerry Spinelli, Louis Sachar, Louise Rennisson, Catherine Austen, and Zilpha Keatly Snyder. Willing to read for food and shelter. Back to writing. In the last week, I have managed to submerge myself in the setting of my middle age novel. I think that I've found a voice that i enjoy writing. Hopefully, it will make for an enjoyable read. I've also got an idea to write a non-fiction book, a how-to book for kids having to do with onenof my many hobbies. So much to write. I wrote almost 700 words last night before going to bed despite for a day trip along the Rouge River with my partner. Beautiful drive. Back to the novel. I might be finding my voice due to reading See Jane Write, on writing chicklit. Yes, I know that I'm writing for middle-grades, but I'm also keeping my own grade 6 students in mind as I write. If they can get into it, I've won! Word count: closing in on 10 thousand words.

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