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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Poem appears in Long Story short poetry page

Yeah. My poem, "I'll tell you who I write for" appears in this month's Long Story Short poetry page. Here is the link.

Wow! As I look at my last entry date, I realize that I've been pretty dormant this winter. I could give loads of excuses for not posting.

Practicing guitar for a concert in late February.
Deflated ego after receiving comments back on book writing assignment
General lethargy ( I only went snowshoeing once, no skiing at all this winter)
Considering dropping my book writing course, but what was left of ego wouldn't let me.
More interested in putting together a chapbook of my poetry than slugging it out writing a novel.
 More fun and less demanding to read a bunch than to write a bunch.

Check out some of the books I've read here on Library Thing.

It's really hard to get back into a place and time or a certain mental space when you're away from writing. I never not write, I just wasn't writing the 2 novels I've started because that requires a lot of mental fortitude on my part.

I didn't even spend any time on the novels during March Break. I needed a break from everything. So this long Easter weekend, I've gotten back into my youth novel. I went over my instructor's comments and the rewrite I'd started in January, the chapter by chapter outline and I started writing the fourth chapter. I was thankful for the detailed character studies I'd made last fall. I couldn't even remember some of the characters' surnames or quirks.

So now, I've dealt with my ego. I'd rather struggle to write a book which may not be great than to not try at all.

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