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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Got 3rd assignment back

So I'm explaining too much, some scenes have no point, dialogue is good but I need to let my characters "show" more and I have to stop explaining so much. Check.
I just did a rewrite of the first two chapters of my middle grade kids' novel.
I still get discouraged trying to write this novel. I'm afraid that if I don't complete this course that I won't write a completed novel until I retire in 10 or so years, so I continue to plug away.
I admire authors who wrote their first novels while working full-time and raising kids. What discipline!

I discovered #SilentWriters on Twitter and I think that I will join them and see if that helps. Maybe I won't feel so alone.

 A third swallowtail emerged on January 9th. Still caring for all three of them.

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