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Friday, December 30, 2011

Got back into writing my kids' novel

After being stalled for a couple of months, I started doing some background work on characters. I had already done extensive studies on my two main characters but my supporting cast were not real people yet and it showed when I tried to write.
I've realized that I have to base them on real people, at least physically, so that I can see them in my mind. They are either ex-students or kids from my own childhood. As far as their personalities go, they are often a composite of different kids I've known.
I also planned out the book chapter by chapter by writing key ideas for each chapter on 3 by 5 index cards.
So far, I've got over 3000 words written for the first two chapters. Not sure if that's two much for a middle grade reader. I'm re-reading this morning after worked at writing for a few hours yesterday.

Also, musically, I recorded and mixed a 12 song album and burned it on Verbatim digital vinyl cds. They look like 45 rpms. I designed the cover art and made jackets for the cds which I gave out to friends and family for Christmas. I used Garageband which is fine for a hobbyist like me. You can find some of my original songs on my youtube channel:

Next on my list of to do things is to make a chapbook of some of my poems.  You know, I couldn't care less about doing any of this professionally. I have fun. I write and compose because that's what I do. Money or no money. Recognition or no recognition. Of course, if I do get published in the mainstream someday, well good!

If not, I doubt if that's going to stop me.

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