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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Journals and letters

I have been writing like a crazy lady. On Saturday, I printed out everything I had written on the computer in Val-David and stuck them in the nice journal I received upon registration. I indexed all of my poems and stories. I was so fired up that I kept on writing and sticking stuff in the journal. I had also registered for a second course with the Institute of Children's Lit down in Conn. I have 2 years to write, revise and edit a kids' book. I sent off my first assignment Tuesday night.

I've written a journal since I was a young teen and a few years ago, my two best friends decided to burn theirs. They felt as if what was in there was of little importance and they didn't want anyone reading them. I was aghast at first and then I almost considered doing the same. Then, I remembered throwing out a bunch of love letters and poems only to wind up awhile later sharing a part of my life the their author.How I had wished that I'd saved them.

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